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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The new email newsletter from the Silent No More Awareness Campaign says:

First, the Campaign is once again joining with Concerned Women for America, Eagle Forum, National Right to Life, Family Research Council, and the Susan B. Anthony List for "REAL Women's Voices," a Washington DC Lobbying Day on Wednesday, April 26, 2006. Complete details and registration can be found here. This coalition wants to make legislators aware of the truth about abortion's adverse affects and they want your voice to be included. (Please note the Campaign has no legal or political agenda - but recognize legislators as another group of people who need to be informed and made aware of the problems associated with abortion by those who have experienced it.) If you can't be there in person, there is a way for you to be there in 'spirit' by making contact with your legislators at both the state and federal level and share your abortion testimony in a letter to be silent no more. We also recommend it as a great way to honor our aborted children by sending a letter at the time they would have been born.

Second, we're working on plans to hold an informal meeting during the National Right to Life Conference on Friday, June 23rd, 2006 in Nashville, Tennessee. Our hope is to have some fellowship and discussion to discern when you
should be silent no more and how to prepare to share your story. If you're interested in getting more information about this, please email us.

Georgette leaves April 20th for the UK, where she will be holding a Gathering on Saturday the 22nd, in front of the Parliament in London. During the week of April 24th, she will be speaking at Universities in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh, on Saturday she'll do another Gathering in Glasgow and Lynn Coles our RC in Belfast, Ireland will be holding an event in Northern Ireland on the same day. A Gathering will also be held on May 11th in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. And finally we have individuals speaking at Universities and Pro-life events over the next few weeks. Please pray for all these events - especially for folks hurting from abortion to hear our message and seek help and those considering abortion to realize it's not a good solution.

Looking ahead to next month, Janet Morana will be attending the Heartbeat International Conference May 17-21 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort, 8001 International Dr. Janet will have an exhibit booth and Fr Pavone will be giving a talk Saturday morning. In the conference schedule Friday evening is a free night, so Janet would like to arrange to meet with any of you that might be coming to the conference or live in the Orlando area. For now let's say 7:00 PM at the Wyndham. Please email Janet if you plan to meet her and she will let you know where in the hotel we will meet. This is a good opportunity for us to connect and also talk about Gatherings for the Fall. Hope to see some of you then.

Finally in closing - we just got a call from a dear young woman who is hurting because she is physically handicapped and when she was younger her sister got pregnant, and had an abortion because the baby was diagnosed as being handicapped. The sister told this young girl that she aborted the baby so the family wouldn’t have another person like her in it. This girl has felt guilty for causing the baby's death and had never told anyone how she felt until she contacted us. She contacted us because she knew we’d understand. Its clear abortion ends the life of our children, and scars us - but it's so sad to realize what message has been sent to so many others about the value of their life. May God guide and empower our work so no more women, children or innocent bystanders are hurt.

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