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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

"Balance, Schmalance," to Borrow From Ellen Goodman's Style Book
I cannot imagine an Associated Press reporter doing a story on a Silent No More campaign and not bothering to acquire a new, substantial rebuttal from Planned Parenthood.
Yet they're effectively doing the reverse.

Dawn Eden sends us--and I pass along--this action alert only for those who feel so inclined. Not for everyone who comes here. Please don't feel like you're any less welcome or cared for here if you aren't interested or able to make your voice known.

This Associated Press writer avoids the real, true Silent No More voices of women, choosing instead a single, dusty, second-hand quote from a pro-life leader for its negative-broadbrush-picture-painting of those of us who have had abortions.

I for one don't think Judie Brown speaks for me.

I remember David Crary's name somewhere before, if I recall. Will get back to you all later, if I can find it...ah, yes, he'd written an article UCSF's Lesbian Health Research Center, about lesbians having a higher rate of alcoholism, obesity and smoking than hetero women. (June 2004) It sure seems like he dotted all his i's and crossed all his t's in that article.

Maybe he just needs a little enlightenment. Ladies? See Dawn's article for all the email addresses.

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