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Monday, October 30, 2006

What will you be for Halloween?

Got my Americans On Call T-shirts, pins and bumper stickers today. Way cool! Also available in purple backgrounds, for those of us who are not post-abortive personally.

So what will you be for Halloween? An "Angel"?
You have registered on our website and you have committed to praying for Americans on Call, pregnant women and the fathers, and the resources in place to help them, on a regular basis (preferably daily or weekly).
An "Ambassador"?
You have registered on our website, and on a daily basis you wear some outward sign of your membership (preferably on your person), and you carry local pregnancy resource information with you.
An "Administrator"?
This is like an ambassador, except you have taken on the additional responsibility of organizing your local Americans on Call chapter. You coordinate outreach efforts within your community, you coordinate cooperation among local pregnancy resources, and you work with headquarters in order to work on "saturation" efforts within your geographical area.
Part of the elite "Support Corps"?
Members of the support corps are those who support the work of Americans on Call financially.
What am I?

An "Ambassador," which although it doesn't say it, I know it's understood includes the "work" of the "Angel" level too. Natch!

PS: HUGE congrats to Scott and his bride on the birth of their first child, October 16! Details yet to come, the parental units are exhausted after waiting 10 extra days for the little one to finally arrive!

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