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Monday, November 27, 2006

Finally: Abortion "Newspeak" Publicly Acknowledged

Associated Press admits "Choice" is a euphemism, a "fuzzy word" for abortion, but blames Washington politicians...?
In Washington, words are a moving target that conceal at least as much as they reveal. ... The right to an abortion is the right to "choose" ... doublespeak — an outgrowth of the doublethink and newspeak of George Orwell's "1984." ... Democrats will go to the wall in defense of abortion rights without uttering that unpleasant word, abortion. Instead, they are champions of "choice" or, in a less guarded moment, "reproductive choice." (The cause is advocated by progressives, formerly liberals.)
(And politically-correct Republicans too, sadly.)

I that AP is acknowledging this, will those who have been making this point for decades not be demeaned and dismissed any longer for saying so?

I wonder.

NOTE: This post isn't about the politics or the politicians, and it doesn't demean Democrats for Life. It's about the widespread, non-pro-life-source outing of another sad truth of abortion: that in order for it to be made palatable, acceptable, justifiable to us, our society (not just the politicians though they are parties to the deception) couched it in nice warm, "fuzzy" language. What far too many of us learned about it when we "chose," though, is quite another story.

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