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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thus, God passionately extends to the world the Source of hope for all who suffer; the indestructible anchor of Jesus Christ. The person who has cancer, the mother who loses a son, the child who loses a parent, the man who discovers he has Alzheimer's, victims of exploitation, abusive marriages, any injustice; each of these people crave an immoveable anchor.

No supreme court, self-help book, talk-show, witch doctor, or anyone can offer hope and meaning equal to Jesus Christ; that God became a defenseless, frail human baby who would permit His own torture and execution. The glory of God shines through such agony and humiliation; the Ultimate Anchor of hope that emerges from the greatest, most hope-filled and beautiful story ever told.

But, one might say, "Nice words, but what about all the ugliness in the world that offers only despair to millions? Starvation, war, disease, rampant violence and evil, the ugliness of which destroys the hope of many strong?"

Because creation is of God, nature remains good and beautiful. Evil is the result of man trying to be God, which begets only perversions of the Good. God's beauty is always present [in us too] because His mark on creation [including us] is indestructible.

What ugly crime can truly destroy the perpetual beauty and hope forgiveness renders?

What evil outshines the inspiring hope of people risking death to attend holy Mass?

What ugliness can destroy the sheer beauty of Maria Goretti forgiving her murderer, instigating her murderer's conversion, rendering hope to millions that good does conquer evil?

The cancer victim who speaks of God's love; the amputee who thanks God for his life?

Nothing "out-beauties" God's grace. Where satan strikes ugly notes, God parries with holy beauty if we simply cooperate with Him.
Excerpted from The Narrow Gate column, "God, Hope and Beauty," by Fr. Brian P. Gannon, Dec. 2, 2006

Emily and I wish a holy and blessed Christmas to all our friends and readers, or whatever you celebrate. Hopefully that doesn't offend you. If it does, please read "who we are" to understand us better.

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