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Saturday, January 6, 2007

The book, Public Education Against America: The Hidden Agenda, was brought to my attention recently by another post-abortive woman involved with Operation Outcry. This is what caught my eye:
In the chapter I am in there is a gruesome true tale of what Planned Parenthood is doing in the schools. I knew it was bad, but didn't realize HOW bad. Carol Everett is in the book and describes the gruesome process of the pub ed's sex program for children beginning with kindergardeners. She shows us the sickening progression of this evil, so graphic, I had to put the book down.
I haven't read it, and don't have time to. Has anyone out there done so, and have a comment on it?

I'm not surprised about the news, after all, we wrote here in 2004 about Planned Parenthood's moral-relativism indoctrination of girls as young as 9 through their parents-not-allowed seminars via Girl Scouts of America. There, every year since 1990, in one Girl Scouts chapter at least, Planned Parenthood taught these girls how to have sex and gave them nine reasons to have abortions.

The Amazon reviews for this newish book are interesting as well.
Whether you lean to the left or the right or are middle of the road this is a must read for all parents, educators and students! This book is not an attack on teachers. It is a revealing look at what is going on and the curriculum in today's public schools...The book reveals the influences of the "Hegelian dialectic" and the psychology used to shape our children into what the secular progressives would have them to be. It reveals how our children are stripped of their values and lead to accept the values of an almost anything goes socialistic society.
Another review:
I have read at least half a dozen books by people with widely diverse interests, but they are all saying the same thing--our kids are being systematically brainwashed into the atheistic worldview that is secular humanism. This book is the only one that explains exactly how the educators are doing it. It shows parents exactly what to look for, and how speech codes disguise what is really being taught.
Before I read this book I already knew that our public education system had serious problems. Reading this book was not only informative it was also scary. It puts in detail how the public school system is brainwashing innocent children and taking the place of the parent.

It points out that the education system is undermining the parents role as the upbringer and spiritual guardian of their own children telling them that everything their parents teach them is wrong. Also many insert their socialist and pro-marxist agendas into the minds of children from Kindergarden and up.
That's already a possibility at my son's Catholic high school, as one history teacher is openly U.S.S.R.-loving (has a Communist flag on his classroom wall, reportedly) and Bush-bashes frequently. I've kindly suggested to my son that perhaps he's instructively baiting students to see which will rise to differ and debate with him, thus sharpening their argument/discourse skills, and who will just fall into apathetic lock-step. Benefit of the doubt, I know, but it plants the seed in my son's mind to at least start framing debate in his mind against the political-correctness that this teacher says. He'll get truckloads of it in college. I know I sure did, but I know it's so much worse now than before.

All I need do is look at Ivy-league-university websites like this to see that proof.

They sort of say that post-abortion stress and trauma are real or "natural" but are sure to point out that such bad feelings "should naturally lessen in intensity and frequency."

So the women whose bad feelings don't, are left completely alone and unsupported, out there in the dark.

Our friend Theresa has given her post-abortion recovery talks at Columbia. She's not surprised that they've had so many women students committing suicide there in recent years. With such "support" coming from Columbia's so-called "Counseling and Psychological Services," it is no wonder they felt they had nowhere to turn. Suggesting, as they do, that such women talk to P.C. feminist, abortion-advocating school shrinks is like telling the sheep to seek help from the wolf in lamb's clothing.

Or, say, like telling 9 year old Girl Scouts that it's ok for them to get sex education from Planned Parenthood.

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