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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Did you go in for what you thought would be a routine abortion and come out wishing you'd never gone? Did you find out the doctor wasn't licensed or not really an abortion surgeon? Did you even try unsuccessfully to avoid the mistake once you arrived at the clinic and now you feel even worse? OR did you have a terrible experience at the doctor/hospital that you can't seem to get over?

Has this medical disaster caused conflict in your life?
Friend and RealChoice blogger Christina poses this good question about the above, "word-or-two-changed" Dr. Phil questions.

"I wonder how many women will write in to Dr. Phil telling him of their nightmare doctor stories from their abortions?"

While the site isn't asking for that kind of botched surgical procedure, it would be an eyeful for women-loving Dr. Phil if women filled those little fill-in boxes about their abortion "medical disasters" that otherwise fit the description.

Just a thought.

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