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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Emily Bazelon, who wrote the outrageously biased smear against women suffering from post-abortion syndrome that appears as the cover story of yesterday's (Jan. 21, 2007) NY Times magazine, is the granddaughter of pro-abortion judge David L. Bazelon and the cousin of NARAL co-founder Betty Friedan. Google her Slate article against Alito and her many writings in support of Friedan and her grandfather and you'll find lots of stuff. The Times couldn't have picked a more dedicated pro-abortion feminist to write the piece.
So alerts pal Dawn Eden.

Hmmm. Note how The Times doesn't require registration to view that lengthy article in its entirety. No, they want us to read this trash.

And it is trash. To know that, I don't really need to read much further than this on the first online page:
But the idea that abortion is at the root of women’s psychological ills is not supported by the bulk of the research. Instead, the scientific evidence strongly shows that abortion does not increase the risk of depression, drug abuse or any other psychological problem any more than having an unwanted pregnancy or giving birth.
Sigh. Another piece of shoddy, left-biased fact-ignoring by yet another shoddy, left-biased, fact-ignoring rag.

Although it is cleverly-written trash. The carefully chosen words broadbrush to include all of women’s psychological ills, which no one doing this research ever did. Bazelon accuses us of something we never did and blithely dismisses us in one fell swoop. The scientific evidence does not show that abortion doesn't increase the listed risks, either. So much of it shows that it does increase these risks, as we have shown and linked to here on this blog for the past three years.

Once again, they get paid for this tripe and I don't get paid for this, this or these 15, especially #2, 3 and 14.

What, this gal couldn't do a google search like I did so she too could find "the bulk of the research" that does show this link, namely 22 published, vetted studies and events between January 1989 (when Surgeon General Koop called for a comprehensive study on post abortion trauma to be done) and June 2005?

Or that APA put it in their DSM for 7 years as one of the causes of PTSD??

Hmmm. "The New York Times obituary for Friedan noted that she was 'famously abrasive' and that she could be 'thin-skinned and imperious, subject to screaming fits of temperament.'"

Guess that ol' apple doesn't fall too far from that family tree. And The New York Times sure does love its "famously abrasive," "imperious" female writers, but only when they're pro-abortion. I suppose Bazelon doesn't fit the "subject-to-screaming-fits-of-temperament" label of her cousin. She might, though, after I had an hour in a room with her, calming reading to her all these published studies of which she's so smugly ignorant.

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