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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I want to see an end to this age of darkness, an end to where violence on such a monstrous scale is embraced by our government and integrated into our very society.
I pray to God there isn't a next year, but if there is I'll be there with a banner in one hand and a friend in the other. the 17-year-olds said. (Christian and Paul, to be exact.)

Speaking about the Iraq War and demonstrating against it?


Speaking for their generation, pleading for all of our generations, like 12 others who joined the March for Life this year. Aged 13 through 18.

Read their accounts.

Wonder and be amazed at the wisdom of those so young.

Michael, 17

Rebecca, 17

Rebekah, 17

Caleb, 13

Jake, 16

Mary, 14

Catherine, 13

Paul, 17

And some info and a striking photo about the "Silent No More 50"

I urge our faithful readers to offer a prayer for these young adults and perhaps even a comment over there in support and thanks to them for their courage.

Also keep checking Maureen's blog, she has about 5 more teens' accounts coming, I believe.

Thanks, Maureen. If I may presume to quote Another, to you all I say "Well done, good and faithful servants."

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