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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NARAL is making a really concerted effort, it seems, to counteract the many women's stories regretting their abortions that have resulted from the nationwide groups like Silent No More and Operation Outcry and Rachel's Vineyard and Hope after Abortion and Abortion Recovery and Ramah and Option Line and Hope Alive and In Our Midst and NOPARH.

I don't advise submitting your regret story to NARAL's online submission webpage, but if anyone has the inclination, it would perhaps, in time, show them more of the truth than they are willing to admit.

If you are inclined, and I address this next part to only to a very miniscule minority of possible readers, please only do so with civility: (re)read our commenting guidelines before you submit your story there. They really should apply in all places, not just here.

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