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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Photos + "As a former radical leftist, I attended many demonstrations in Washington, DC. Now having attended the March for Life two years in a row, I'm amazed at how under-reported this event is - and all too aware of how that under-reporting contributes to the rampant stereotyping of pro-lifers as middle-aged white males."

We pointed out the under-reporting in great detail last year: the press reported on the March For Life in 2006 BEFORE it even took place. And in 2004, we proved the abortion activists and media wrong about their myth that it's mostly white males leading pro-life groups.

Just look at all the young people in those 79 photos. Hooray to you all, especially Pittsburgh Students for Life with their great sign, the grieving grandmother, and the group of young folk with Down Syndrome! Check comments about AP's headline too. Good ol' AP.
This one gave me chills, and he wasn't the only one holding one of those signs (see the photo after that one at the picasa website).

I also like the last two in the album.

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