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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Thrill of the Chaste author and blogger-RomeChick-pal Dawn Eden will be speaking at Theology on Tap in New Haven, CT on January 24 and would love for anyone within earshot (?) to come (time/place details below). She's asked several Connecticut friends (including moi) to recommend a pregnancy center or other pro-life organization in our neck of the woods. She is donating whatever honorarium (payment) she receives for her ToT talk to a local charity that's helping women who want to choose life for their children.

Wednesday January 24, 2007 ▪ 7:30-8:30
Playwright, 144 Temple Street ▪ New Haven

The event is free but a suggested offering of $5 is asked.


Theology on Tap is a casual forum where young adults in their 20's and 30's [ahem! AND 40's!], single or married, of all denominations and walks of life, gather in a local bar/restaurant for "straight talk, hard facts, and real answers" on our faith and how it applies to daily life. These get-togethers are held monthly. And there are many nationwide chapters; here are the Connecticut and Iowa ones. You can Google the rest to find your local one.

Directions to the Playwright:
From I-91 (N or S): Take the Trumbull Street Exit 3. Stay straight, go onto Trumbull St. Turn left onto Temple Street, stay on it (cross over Chapel St.) until you find the Playwright on the right (right across from the OMNI Hotel) Parking is available at the OMNI or on the street. For more information please contact: Katie Corkery @

From Whitney Ave: Go South on Whitney, it will turn into Temple, cross over Chapel, Playwright will be on the right.

PS: I highly recommended HOPELINE to Dawn. They're local (not affiliated with a national group like Birthright) and have 4 CPC centers in Connecticut including one in Shelton, which is closest to New Haven.

Here is their contact info:

Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Centers: 1-800-203-HOPE. Danbury: 203-207-HOPE;
Stratford/Bridgeport: 203-383-4385;
New Milford: 860-350-HOPE;
Shelton: 203-925-WAIT;

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