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Thursday, April 19, 2007

UPDATE 4/26/07:

Please see this post for corrections to the post below. Will get to amending this post and reposting it as soon as I can. The following post remains as the information still would be accurate for Progestogen/Estrogen-based contraceptives, but not for Plan B which is progestogen-only.

Estrogen Hormones in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) (also in some Emergency Contraception [EC], many birth control pills [Oral contraceptives or OC]), patches, etc.) Are Further Damned

We blogged in December 2006 about the news that breast cancer is the "type of cancer most affected by", that is, "fueled by estrogen" found in HRT. We showed how, if some EC = 5 x OC, and OC = 4 to 8 x HRT, and HRT = More BC (Breast Cancer), then some EC = 20 to 40 times More Breast Cancer Risk.

Today we read this summary of a New England Journal of Medicine published study:
New U.S. government numbers showed that breast cancer rates leveled off in 2004 after plunging in 2003 — the year after millions of women stopped taking hormones because a big study tied them to higher heart, stroke and breast cancer risks. Experts said the leveling off shows that the 2003 drop in the cancer rate was real and not a fluke.

...The trend was even stronger for the most common form of the disease — tumors whose growth is fueled by hormones [my emphasis]. Those rates fell almost 15 percent among women ages 50 to 69, the group most likely to have been on hormone pills.

At the same time, a study of nearly 1 million women in the United Kingdom showed that those who took hormones after menopause were 20 percent more likely to develop ovarian cancer or die from it than women who never took the pills. That study was published online by the London-based journal The Lancet.
This makes me wonder if that's why my mom died of advanced ovarian cancer at age 59. Was her doctor giving her HRT for menopause symptoms? I'll never know. Prior to that she'd always been a healthy, spitfire-filled old broad (and I mean that lovingly). She shocked the doctors who diagnosed her with such sudden, advanced stage, horrible ovarian cancer that not even a monthly triple-chemo-drug cocktail at Sloan-Kettering could stop it. Her second operation after a year of that chemo consisted of opening her up, and closing her right up. She lasted three more months, dying a horrible, pain-filled, comatose death. She never got to meet her grandchildren.

But it's this line in today's news that cracks me up:
For consumers, the new research doesn't change the advice to use the lowest dose for the shortest time possible for hot flashes and other menopause symptoms that can't otherwise be controlled.
Lowest dosage of estrogen? The lowest dose of estrogen is in HRT and as we showed in Decemnber, it only increases by five-fold to 40-fold in OC and some EC.

Yet medical doctors from the AMA to the APA to the American Society of Clinical Oncology to almost any OBGYN office in the land to even the National Cancer Institute who issued that first study last year-- still won't tell you or the elected officials trying to pass laws to force Catholic hospitals to dispense these cancer-packs that Emergency Contraception can be really, really bad for you personally. Instead these so-called medical doctors urge you to only take EC sparingly. Only once in a blue moon. Only in "true emergencies."

How long do we honestly think it will take for women to start eating EC like candy for contraception, several times a week or month, month after month? Are we that stupid to think that no one will use it for contraception the way many now use abortion for this purpose? Women have been having 2, 3 and as many as 7 abortions for a long time, and in increasing numbers. Yet our doctors and politicians stay silent about these risks and realities.

I can hear almost all 300 of my state's elected elite in the chambers of our capital now:

No, no, we don't believe it will be harmful, we mustn't tell them it could hurt them and tick off the liberal feminists who'll vote us out of office as long as they haven't developed cancer and died off yet.

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