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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

"The Last Time I Cry" is a new song written for post-abortive women. Composer Wayne Carroll of Louisville, KY, is allowing post-abortive recovery and other pro-life groups to place his song(s) for sale on their websites as a fundraiser, I believe, giving them a commission for this.
In December 2006 I was inspired to write a song that offers hope and healing to people who have made abortion decisions. "The Last Time I Cry" talks about the day when their grief and tears will end. It is a tender song that is already having a positive effect on post-abortive women.
He also wrote a song entitled "4000 Crosses" and the lyrics can be viewed and both songs listened to on his website, .

Post-abortive women who have experienced a Rachel's Vineyard or similar retreat or service (see our sidebar at right under "Resources for Healing") will already feel and fully understand the message in this song.

And if you haven't experienced such a service yet and are still wondering if you're the only one secretly in pain and grieving or ambivalent about it, the song will be anything from cathartic and helpful, to perhaps a bit too much honesty to deal with right now. Listen anyway, and know that the resources to help with the emotions it allows you to feel and express are linked to right here on this page, in the sidebar at right, no matter what your age, religion, ethnic background, social status or financial situation.

The song isn't graphic or condemning; it's sung by a woman, to her unborn, aborted child, and it's actually quite uplifting in its message of hope.

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