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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This Valentine's Day, you cannot condemn a woman's choice. It is about love and you are about hate.
Because she defended the beliefs and principles of her Christian faith, because she spoke out against abortion, and against the lesbian statutory rape scene in The Vagina Monologues, fellow students who wrote the above quote threatened her in writing, saying,
I really want to choke you, bitch.
No, this Valentine's Day, you will be Raped. Sex is about love and through it you will experience hate. I cannot wait."
And they accuse her of "hatred" and "intolerance."

The United States has turned society upside down: white is black. Rich is (or should be) poor. "Ignorance really is Strength."

The above quotes are just more proof that there are very much pro-abortion people in this country.

The above-quoted, hateful, intolerant, violent, law-ignoring students attend Georgia Tech, which is ignoring all the rape and death threats against this conservative, Christian female student.

College students are being allowed at Georgia Tech to threaten to rape and to kill a fellow student. And yet we scratch our heads and wonder why a student at Virginia Tech goes on a massacring rampage?

The killer student at Virginia Tech left a "typed, eight-page rant against rich kids and religion" which "made several references to Christianity" presumably in a threatening, disapproving manner.

Does no one in college administrations today see this connection?? No one who lives by their faith, in these two instances Christianity, is really safe, any longer. So much for freedom of religion.

It's times like these that I just shrink with fear because whole armies of these violent young people are being encouraged and yes, even protected, by entire academic institutions.

Please pray and hope for the safety of Ruth Malhotra and all like her, just as you are praying and hoping for the victims at Va.Tech., their families, friends and faculty. Ruth Malhotra is a victim of this same kind of violence too, even if she's still alive.

And pray for God to help us all. And thank God for Students for Academic Freedom.

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