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Saturday, June 23, 2007


It's been quite some time since this blog and its sister blog, Abortion Pundit, started a sabbatical. Both Emily and I needed to attend to other life issues beginning in early 2006, as we do these blogs as unpaid folk with regular dayjobs... and although we both thought we'd be back within a few months, unfortunately, our need to attend to these other issues continues. I don't know when Emily and/or I will be back daily or even regularly blogging, but to all our visitors and friends, please know that these blogs and the extensive help links and resources they have provided since February 2003 and March 2006, respectively, will remain available to all as long as there's an Internet and electricity to power up computers.

Feel free to browse around, especially the sidebars of both blogs, and if you don't find what you're looking for, try the sidebar's Google search button (not the one up top of the page, that one is pretty useless).

We will consider guest-blog posts, but these are also places we always recommend, also among those who've stayed active in their blogging (thank GOD someone could!):

Real Choice
The Dawn Patrol
Pro Life Blogs

These also we highly recommend, even though, like this blog, they have had to attend to their lives and families rather than blog much lately. The treasure trove of previous posts will keep most people busy reading, learning, healing, for D A Y S if not weeks:

The S.I.C.L.E. Cell
Abortion Hurts
Forest Nymph

And of course click to any of the other "BLOGS WE READ" in the sidebar of After Abortion or in the many categories in Abortion Pundit's sidebar. If you find a broken link, we'd appreciate an email letting us know. Thanks.

NOTE: I'll always respond to emails from anyone in serious, personal need, but to all others, I probably won't have time. If someone's being nasty and/or egregious in the comboxes, please email me. Along with Emily, I'll try to check comments for moderation/ deletion purposes, but getting email alerts will be speedier.

Many thanks to all our regulars and visitors for your EXTREME patience and well wishes.

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