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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dueling Urban Legends: Safety and Less Abortions With Plan B
Plan B As "Loss Leader" for Planned Parenthood
The Rich Get Richer (But It Ain't Who You Think)

Point One
: Check back here on this blog in oh, about, August 2027, when there will have been enough longitudinal evidence and studies showing the harm that this "morning-after pill" will have done to us women, just as has been the case for HRT.

Point Two:
The company projects that sales of Plan B will total about $80 million for 2007, almost double the total for 2006 and up eightfold from 2004...
Planned Parenthood alone dispensed "633,756 Morning After Pills in 02-03 and 774,482 packs in 03–04. If 05 and 06 saw similar jumps of 140,000 year over year, then 2006 would have seen 1,054,480 dispensed.

It's likely that in 2007, at least 2 million Plan B packs were dispensed by Planned Parenthood alone, at a profit to PP of $20 a pop under their five year agreement:
Under a five-year agreement, Planned Parenthood would be able to buy Plan B from Barr at bargain-basement prices, undercut local pharmacies and clear an average $20 profit on each Plan B kit.
That's $40 million profit to PP, but that's just chump change. The prochoice folks scream bloody hell about abstinence plans getting "more than $1.5 billion dollars...over the past decade," yet they forget to remind you about the over $3.5 billion of our taxpayer dollars given to Planned Parenthood in the two decades since 1987.

Further, they're ripping off women at the cash register. If the Plan B sales dollar figure increased eightfold from 2004 to 2007, the retail price must have skyrocketed. This would make sense: Barr Pharmaceutical would raise the price to cover the would-be loss from "bargain-basement prices" given only to Planned Parenthood.

Why would Planned Parenthood want to "undercut local pharmacies?" So they can build their clientele for the more lucrative abortion business.

Plan B is their "loss leader," to borrow the consumer products industry phrase.

Point Three: Hmmm. More Plan B equals fewer abortions?

Planned Parenthood alone did 255,015 abortions in 2004. This number is 4.2 percent higher than in 2003, while Plan B usage from Planned Parenthood alone soared 22.2 percent. That assumes each new user only used it once that year; after all, not even those who support Plan B recommend making it your oft-used birth control method. Even if each new user in 2004 used Plan B twice that year, that is still an 11.1 percent increase in people using it.

You can fool a lot of the people all the time, I guess. But not here, on this blog, you can't.

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