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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The research is being conducted by Drs. Catherine Coyle, Vincent Rue, and Priscilla Coleman. Through this new website, they hope to increase our understanding of how abortion affects individuals. In addition, the exploratory nature of this research may help to more clearly define future studies and to direct clinical practice involving those affected by abortion. Those who have questions or would like further information about the study may contact Catherine Coyle at
This study/survey is being done by excellent researchers on the pain of
abortion....please go to this website and complete the survey on how abortion has affected you and pass this on to other people you know who were involved in the abortion experience.
All participants will remain anonymous and the results of this research will be presented in a manner which protects the confidentiality of all respondents.
And it's not just for women who have had abortions:
Four populations will be surveyed through this site. These populations include:
  • women who have experienced abortion
  • men whose female partners have experienced abortion
  • parents whose adult or minor children have experienced abortion ("grandparents" on the sidebar)
  • medical personnel who are currently working or who have worked in a facility where abortion is performed
  • News of this research opportunity comes thanks to Canada Silent No More's Denise Mountenay, by way of Operation Outcry. The above quote is from Page 4 of this newsletter by the Abortion Recovery International Network, founded by our good friend Stacey Massey.

    ANOTHER GREAT WEBSITE, FOR MEN to deal with and locate counselors trained in helping men deal with the pain from their past involvement in abortion: M.A.N.: Men and Abortion Network

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