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Saturday, September 1, 2007

The GOP Values Voters Presidential Debate
A letter of invitation was sent June 4 from national pro-family leaders to both the Republican and Democrats running for president. While it seems everyone is clamoring for the same date, Sept. 17, the good news is that seven out of 10 of the Republican candidates have already confirmed their attendance to speak on that date to the most essential constituency: the values voters.

So far, six Republicans (Huckabee, Brownback, Hunter, Paul, Tancredo, and Cox) have rightly chosen to attend the event where they will hear from the base of their party.

What makes this debate different? The candidates will be asked questions related to abortion, immigration, marriage and other issues Values Voters consider important.

If you want to see where they stand on the traditional, pro-family issues, don't miss this debate.

Live video or audio streaming can be found at on the day of the debate.

Finally, please consider calling and/or e-mailing the following candidates and request they participate in the event (These have not confirmed yet):

Rudy Giuliani 212-835-9449 and e-mail and

Mitt Romney 857-288-6400 and e-mail at

John McCain 703-418-2008 and e-mail

Fred Thompson 615-390-9944 and e-mail at
Here's what I emailed to all four:
September 17 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern. The Values Voter Presidential Debate held in Fort Lauderdale. Please participate and show us if you are the better candidate. There are hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of women who are post-abortive and now regretting their abortions (including me) and we want to know where you stand on all pro-life issues.

To Thompson: I personally think you may be the best combination of "pro-life," "conservative" and "electable". Show me if this is correct.

To Romney: We are concerned that you have "flip-flopped" on the issues of being truly pro-life.

To McCain and Guiliani: Neither of you two gentlemen represent all of us who are now against abortion and coming out of the shadows about it, but the likes of Brownback and Thompson seem to represent us.

Annie Banno

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