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Friday, September 14, 2007

YouTube excerpts from opponents and supporters of the surreptitiously-built Planned Parenthood in Aurora, IL, including the clergyman who's quoted in our previous post.

Part I

Part II

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I still am when I hear grown men and women saying that this is only about religion. It really shocked me to see the teenage boy say that "religion is violent, sexist, racist and homophobic." While we agree that some who say they are religous are violent, etc. and we don't support their beliefs or actions, we think it as wrong to broadbrush all faithfilled people as evil as it would be to broadbrush all prochoice people like this young man as evil. He's so intent on demanding that those who are faithfilled and/or pro-life be "tolerant" that he himself is wholly intolerant of us! He so deifies unfettered personal freedom that he's intolerant of any human being who would stand in his way, born or unborn. Simply amazing.

He also said his truth is "literal and scientific fact." He ridicules prolifers for believing only "what people have told you all your life." Yet he himself is completely unaware of the reams of "literal and scientific fact" about the harms of abortion to the very women he thinks he is supporting and about the truth of when human life begins, and he believes only what prochoice media and people have told him all his life.

So sad, how duped the general public still is.

I guarantee you: if it was a prolife Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) that had lied to the Aurora aldermen and council about opening up there, the pro-choice community would have been apoplectic about their deceit and demanding they be tossed out of town. I'm floored by the astonishing gall of Planned Parenthood for even thinking of suing the city of Aurora if they deny them the occupancy permit. Planned Parenthood lied to Aurora, in writing, and they think they can sue the city?? Excuse me, Planned Parenthood, but have you never heard of falsification of paperwork? Because that's what you're guilty of.

The double-standard for pro-choice and pro-abortion activities continues...

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