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Sunday, October 14, 2007


"Trinity Legal Center: Advancing justice in the courts, the legislature, and the public arena"

I just received word of a new legal organization forming which has, as one of its goals, providing legal support to women and minors who have been injured in any way by their abortions.

This is cross-posted on Abortion Pundit, where any discussions of bullets #2 and/or #3 should take place. Given the nature of our two blogs, I post this here only to help women who may be seriously suffering as a result of their abortions, physically or emotionally, to know about this center's #1 purpose as described below.

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October 10, 2007

I am pleased to announce the founding of Trinity Legal Center (TLC), a non-profit, public-interest litigation and legislation support center. The Trinity Legal Center has a three-fold purpose:
1. Litigation – Provide legal representation--in or out of courtrooms--on behalf of women and minors injured by abortion and who have reason to seek legal redress;

2. Legislation - assist legislators and organizations in pro-life legislative efforts that will protect women, minors, and the unborn child; and,

3. Women's Council on Abortion - inspire, motivate, and equip post-abortive women in sharing their testimony and to provide a network through which information and resources will be shared as well as opportunities for advancing justice in the courts, legislature, and public arena.

Anne Newman (of Operation Outcry) and I are putting together a team of lawyers, doctors, women, and others for this work. Through the Trinity Legal Center, we will fight for life in the courts, in the legislature, and in the public arena. It is our hope and prayer to change the legal landscape to achieve a culture of life. With your help, we know that together we can make a difference.


Linda Schlueter
Anne Newman
Also note that there are other similar--but not the same--groups, perhaps one of them providing this kind of legal assistance to the second victim of abortion, women:
  • Abortion Malpractice litigation services for lawyers
  • American Catholic Lawyers Association
  • American Center for Law and Justice
  • Life Legal Defense Foundation
  • National Institute of Family & Life Advocates
  • Rutherford Institute
  • Thomas More Law Center

    There used to be another closely-similar group, "Legal Action for Women: Advocate for 2nd Victim of Abortion", but that link seems to no longer be valid. Does anyone know if they changed their name or URL?

    UPDATE: In the comments, Lee Anne and Theresa brought up a good point so I'm amending the original post to clarify the above:

    All those above groups don't do litigation to support PA women seeking help with legal issues. I think the only one that does is maybe Life Legal Defense Foundation, and then it is more issues such as parental notification and informed medical consent.

    NIFLA seems mostly to help CPCs legally with their rights, for example.

    While it may seem that this many legal groups splinter the pro-life support efforts, I think it is good that there are this many, mostly pro-bono legal entities supporting pro-life folks. Keep in mind, that one law firm or legal center isn't yet pervasive or big enough to provide help nationwide. They may never be, so having several is actually a good thing, in my opinion. Hope that clarifies what all those groups represent!

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