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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't get me wrong. I'm very glad that the National Review just did this article on the Life Dynamics study of how Planned Parenthood's abortion clinics nationwide failed--over and over again--to report cases of statutory rape.

I guess I'm just a little annoyed that this didn't get this much ink until now, when a Kansas attorney files falsification charges against PP, even though the audiotaped proof of PP's covering-up of statutory rape has been available and discussed online extensively for two years.

We (and many others) wrote about this evidence, including lengthy excerpts from the transcripts, in December 2005. The tapes themselves have been available on the web since November 2005.

Now NRO's Jennifer Giroux writes:
A nationally recognized organization may be intentionally distributing false information while protecting rapists and child predators. And the federal government has given them $3.9 billion since 1987 in taxpayer funds...Taxpayers should not be funding illegal late term abortions, the falsifying of documents, or an organization that is aiding and abetting rape in failing to report these cases to law enforcement...Every Planned Parenthood need now be accountable.

When is this country going to wake up and stop giving Planned Parenthood a get-out-of-jail free pass, not to mention multibillions of dollars?

If anyone still thinks that Planned Parenthood "does such good work with that money," stop yourself before you waste your breath and ask yourselves this question:
"If it was MY OWN daughter who was victimized by the statutory rapist and criminally neglected by Planned Parenthood, would I still give Planned Parenthood the free pass and the look-the-other-way?"
Because if you would, then you'd be sacrificing your own daughter to the god you have made Planned Parenthood into.

Thank you, National Review, for finally getting around to this article. What you lack in timeliness, you make up for in circulation and eyeballs. I hope that article is in the print edition as well.

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