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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hard to believe my only daughter would have turned 29 this year. Hard to believe I've been a contributor to this blog for four years now.

I read the following recently and thought it would help some of the anonymous readers of our blog, the way this message helped me.

I'm talking to all the folks who
"come here from Google searches, having entered phrases along the lines of 'depression after abortion', 'suicide after abortion', 'trouble coping after abortion', and 'why does my wife hate me after abortion."
It's what I finally heard (was able to hear?) about 24 years after my abortion. It's the kind of thing I then realized that I really, deep down longed to hear all those years, but didn't. It's the kind of thing that allowed the pent-up grief a place to go:
Nobody knows you as well as God does. Yet even though He knows everything about you, including all of your faults, He still approves of you and accepts you. God sees your heart, not just the exterior shell (the flesh) that seems to get you into so much trouble. He does not approve of your wrong behavior, but He is committed to you as an individual. God can hate what you do and yet love you. He has no trouble keeping the two separated.

God never intended for you to feel bad about yourself. He wants you to know yourself well and yet accept yourself. You must be able to say, "I can love what God can love. I don't have to love everything I do, but I accept myself because God accepts me." God is changing you daily. Ask Him to help you accept and love yourself in spite of your imperfections.

~ from Joyce Meyer's "Ending Your Day Right."
If that touches you, if that's what you needed to hear and you want to hear more, well, all I know is that Rachel's Vineyard is where I heard this message first. There are other places where this same message is waiting for you; we link to them on the right side of this page (see the heading RESOURCES FOR HEALING).

Whether you're a woman, a man who was involved in an abortion, a relative of someone who was, a provider of abortions or one who assisted those providing abortions, whether you're a Catholic or Christian or Jewish or hold to no faith whatsoever, you're all welcome at those places. You will not be judged or exposed at those places. No one need ever know you even called the good folks at those places.

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