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Saturday, February 16, 2008

New visitors, welcome.

I know I can speak for Emily when I say, we're glad people still find this blog a good resource and a helpful place. If there's something you can't find right away, please email me, Annie (it's in the upper righthand corner). I will get back to you, totally anonymously and confidentially, or you can do a google search in the righthand sidebar as well as find what you're looking for most likely in that same sidebar within a minute's time.

And wow, is all I can say.

Even in our semi-dormant, coming-back-eventually state, we still get between 90 and 200 "hits" (people checking the blog) a DAY. That surprised me.

Readers, know that we don't and can't track anyone by name, address or details, so we don't know who visits here, but we do have some idea how people find this blog.

There are many--about 95% of all our visitors--still coming here after Googling phrases like:
coping with life after abortion books

the guy during abortion

what to do after an abortion

3 days after abortion

suicide from abortion

after an abortion recovery

coping with abortion

emotional problems with abortions

emotional problems of abortion

bad things about abortion

abortion hurts

after abortion toll free

after abortion for men

post abortion

after having an abortion

after abortion (2 different searchers)

abortion poem (several different searchers for that one)

songs about abortion (5 different searchers)

medicine to take after abortion

meta searches on just the word "abortion" (about 30)

abortion blogspot

abortion blogs
And that's just from TODAY.

And if anything, our visitors are more international than ever: at least three dozen today alone from overseas countries like Hong Kong, Namibia, Italy, Sweden, Nicaragua, Paraguay, the UK, Canada and many more.

I also could count on one hand those who came from already-prolife site referrals or searches in just this one day alone.

And something seems to have happened to our world this past January. Our average monthly number of visitors for a long time had been under 2,000. In December 07 it spiked to just over 3,000 and in January 2008 it was an even higher 4,000+.

I've long had a theory that "the holidays" have a whiplash effect on anyone who suffers from some kind of PTSD or longterm, carried grief. When the holidays are over, our pain has no more distraction, and it bubbles to some semblance of the surface.

But also, I just realized, the 30% to 50% increase is most likely due to the approach of the annual March For Life, which is every January 22nd.

I hope this blog can help all those who come here looking for some solace, some referrals to real help, and some sense of community. You really are not alone, especially here.

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