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Friday, February 22, 2008

A reader alerted us to a (new?) site for post-abortive women, but only those who are pro-choice. This would appear to be yet another attempt at countering the many nonjudgmental places women can visit online who are having trouble after their abortions. We here don't hide a religious agenda, and we don't tell pro-choice readers they are not welcome, like this new site does:
Anti-choice and pro-life individuals are not welcome on this board. This is not a debate board but there are plenty of those out there which a Google search will easily lead you to. Any anti-choice/ pro-life postings will be immediately deleted.

They go on to say they "are NOT a pro-life site in disguise!"

Well, I guess you could say that we aren't either. We're pretty clear and up front about what we--Emily and I--believe as far as pro-life vs. pro-choice, but that never stopped us from welcoming and being considerate of those who are pro-choice.

This other site also says they are "dedicated to supporting women post abortion. Our mission is to provide women with a place to express their feelings honestly and to give and receive support after having an abortion."

But only if you still support abortion/choice 100% and those feelings don't include a shred of doubt about abortion being such a good thing, really, after all.

They say, "This is not a place where you will be judged for your decision or made to feel guilty in any way."

Because they've already pre-judged you and found you unacceptable just because you might be--even temporarily--doubting your pro-choice beliefs.

They say, "No matter what you are feeling, those feelings are valid and important to you and your personal journey."

But it does matter to them what you're feeling if you're feeling that it was the wrong choice, even just for you.

All this is rather judgmental and less than tolerant, after all.

But what gets me terribly disturbed is the statement at the bottom of their home page:
This site is exists for support of other women who have had an abortion. It is not meant to be a substitute for any kind of professional help. If you are in a crisis situation please contact a crisis center or health care professional.
Yet they don't give any contact information or referrals--no phone numbers, no website links--to any crisis centers or health care professionals whatsoever.

I think that is unconscionable and speaks volumes about them and their supposed agenda. They in effect are saying: if you're a woman who is in real crisis over her abortion, goodluckwiththatbuhbye.

If they really cared much for "support of other women who have had an abortion," wouldn't, shouldn't they care about and try to refer help to them ALL, and not just those who agreed with them?

Oh, they do give the Suicide hotline finally, buried in the eighth paragraph of the third page of their website, but they first give the National Abortion Federation and pro-choice Exhale hotlines before they list 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433).

Like NAF and Exhale are going to be any more helpful or supportive of a woman wishing she hadn't aborted.

No, I won't give this site's name or link. If someone really wants to find them that badly, they can and will.

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