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Thursday, May 1, 2008

With all my love to Michael Alexander, named for St. Michael the Archangel: I let them kill you in May of 1979. I miss you; and I wish you were here. For my brother or sister, for whom the name "Thomas" came to me in prayer: I don't know when our mother had you aborted, but I will devote my May prayers to you as well. And finally, for my Catherine Alexandra, the child I lost to miscarriage in the spring of 1984 while I was on the pill: as I told your tiny, lifeless form, I didn't know you were there; but if I had known, I would have saved you, and would have done my best as your mother.

May you all rest in the arms of our Lord and our Blessed Mother in heaven; may the Lord allow you to pray for us, all who were responsible for your premature deaths; and may you have met your family members in heaven, especially my mother, and the many other members of my family who have passed on (too many to mention). You are all gone, and I am alone here. But I pray you are all watching over me, and that it is God's will that we meet again in eternity.

Love, Julie Shockley
To learn more about these memorials to our children or family members lost to abortion, or to post one of your own (anonymously if you choose), please read this.

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