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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We received this email from a recent visitor.
Many years ago,
after that I was back
to myself and my life.
I thank God for the
freedom to be me
and not someone else's
edition of me.
Janet (still delighted
to have no babies)

[you won't print this as your only concept
is the one which infests your tiny brain.
The rest of us women will continue to
live our lives in spite of you.]
Janet, have you read the "Who we are" blurb about us, under the COMMENTING section? The link is here.

I really hope that you would read that, to know that we are not folks who hate on folks like you. That isn't a concept that we hold in our brain, and we don't insult anyone. I'm sorry that you felt you knew what we are all about from perhaps a very short look at the blog, but we won't insult you or anyone. That just isn't who we are. We've been insulted before in similar ways, attacked verbally by folks who assume they know that we're scum, and then, when some of them remain and engage us and our readers in some online discussion, some have found that we aren't "infested" with hate and we don't have "tiny brains". In fact there are some prochoice folks who've become our fast friends.

Correspondence is bloggable unless you request otherwise, as it says on the sidebar. Since you didn't request otherwise, I'm going to blog your note because I think our visitors, prochoice and prolife, can benefit from knowing that we don't hate on you or any women who've had abortions because WE ARE WOMEN WHO HAVE HAD ABORTIONS ourselves.

Please, consider putting aside your predetermined notions about folks who disagree with you. Please write or comment again, and I hope you can come to the same conclusions that our friend Achromic and other prochoice folks have concluded: that we're really good people too, despite our different opinions.

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