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Thursday, September 25, 2008

emptiness after abortion quotes
prayer after an abortion
does a saline abortion hurt
post abortion help chat groups
post abortion syndrome japan
chances of dying during an abortion
can you miscarry after having an abortion a year prior
when is it safe to conceive after an abortion
when to have baby again after abortion
post abortion medicines
bad things about abortion
how will my body heal after my abortion
post abortion healing poems
Within the last 24 hours, several someones typed these words, above, into Google and ended up here.

Well over 100 someones.

This year, this blog has had between 2,300 and 4,700 visitors a month, or 33,500 to date, most of them distinct, not "regulars" and not already pro-life. That's about 3,700 per month, or 125 daily. This is higher than last year. I think it is due to the election and how this has brought the issue more to the front of our brains and hearts.

We wrote back in February 2008 about the similar Google searches which brought many of our readers here.

In September 2003, Emily wrote about the many similar searches that brought readers here.

We hope this blog can help all those who come here looking for some solace, some referrals to real help, and some sense of community. You really are not alone, especially here.

And since so many of these anonymous folks are searching for "abortion poems" or "abortion songs", we're going to make that part of our sidebar more prominent and place it higher up on the page so they should see it or more easily find it when they arrive here. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to find in that regard, and chances are we can find it if we haven't already.

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