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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For those who seem to have missed the point of this observation of fact and pointed out that it's likely that Sarah Palin herself conceived son Track before marrying Todd, let me rephrase the point:
Have all the upset liberals also insulted Barack Obama's mother's and grandmother's intelligence and parenting skills? Since Obama's mother also conceived him when she was 17, and also married his father soon after discovering she was pregnant, all the many attacking, pro-"choice" liberals must paint Obama and his family with the same insulting brush they have painted the Palins with, or their biased double standards wholly discredit them.

It's highly ironic that all those dismissing Sarah Palin's ability to (co-)run the country because they say she's "not smart enough to teach her daughter safe sex" would instead be supportive of Bristol at least if she were deciding on an abortion instead. Note how no pro-"choice" folks rail against a mother's failure to teach safe sex or "control her own teenage daughter's sexual habits" when the teen chooses abortion.

The real tragedy is this societal pressure to abort, as if abortion "fixes it" and makes it as though nothing ever happened. Something does happen: the girl (or woman) becomes a mother (even Roe v. Wade calls the unborn fetus "the property of the mother.")

Bristol Palin's keeping her child is courageous, for two reasons. It is harder in today's world to raise the child instead of have the abortion due to that societal pressure to abort, and further she has to withstand attacks from those who have now proven that "choice" really is just a euphemism for "abortion."

It's no wonder most women who regret their abortions remain silent, rather than endure the abuse from so-called "feminists", who only like you if you support abortion.

Political "Facts & Figures To Know" going on over at the Abortion Pundit blog, for those interested.

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