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Thursday, October 23, 2008


American Life League received this prayer request email two days ago from David Bereit, National Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life. Please read and keep this intention in your prayers:
Dear Jim,
I have an URGENT prayer request...

On Saturday a medical worker at a Planned Parenthood abortion center where a 40 Days for Life campaign is happening approached the prayer volunteers outside.

She said that Planned Parenthood had told its workers that they would be immediately fired if they ever talked to those on the sidewalk, but she felt drawn to them -- and she shared that she desperately wants out of her job.

She explained that after she started working at Planned Parenthood earlier this year, the abortion business assigned her the gruesome task of counting the baby body parts following each abortion to make sure everything was removed from the mother.

What she has seen inside the walls of Planned Parenthood is horrific.

She then shared that several weeks ago a young woman sat before her registering for an abortion and said, "I'm so conflicted, should I do this or not?"

She leaned forward and quietly told her, "Don't do this." The girl left, her baby alive within her.

A co-worker overheard and reported her to the abortion center's supervisor who wrote her up and put a stern warning in her employment file.

She asked the 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers if she could meet Monday with someone who might be able to help her -- and the time she had available was the exact time that Jim Pinto, pastoral associate for Priests for Life, was there in town for his visit to the 40 Days for Life location.

Jim stopped everything else to pray for her, with her, and over her. He also connected her with an organization called The Centurions that helps to bring abortion providers out of the abortion industry where they can find forgiveness and healing in Christ and restore their sense of self-worth.

The 40 Days for Life volunteers are now taking up a collection to provide for her short-term needs so she can leave her job immediately and they are helping her find another job quickly since she is the sole provider for her four daughters and needs income. Jim, there is a real possibility that these faithful 40 Days for Life volunteers may be able to help her walk away from the abortion industry TODAY!

Praise God for what He is doing in this woman's life, and please keep her -- and this situation -- in your prayers throughout the day.

More on The Society of Centurions, also here and here.

For more information, contact The Society of Centurions of America at PO Box 75368, St. Paul, MN 55175, Phone 651-771-1500, Fax 651-771-6967.

They also have chapters in Canada and Europe.

And also in my inbox was this email from a local friend who's still out there, as I used to be, giving concrete help to women who need and want it, on the abortion clinic sidewalks, the one where I had my abortion 29 years ago:
Today I received the following email from a sidewalk counselor in northern CT - She is referring to Summit Women's Center in Hartford, but also references the Bpt. center - She writes:
I MUST share my good news with you.

This morning at Summit one of the employees (I always smile & say good morning to all of them) stopped to tell me, "You don't need to come here on Thurs. anymore, beginning Nov 1st. It has been slow here, really slow, & beginning Nov 1st, we are only going to be opened two days a week. All our business here will be taken care of on Wed. & Sat. The Bridgeport office is also going to be opened two days a week also. I just wanted to let you know it's been so slow they can't afford to stay open every day."

Marilyn -'re helping save the lives of the babies AND the women and making a difference -
Bill O'Brien

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