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Thursday, December 4, 2008

In this time of Advent, friend Theresa sent us this:
God With Us

I held my unborn son today,
A grace I truly felt.
He came to me in prayer
While before Our Lord I knelt.

I felt his little cheek brush mine
as I pressed him to my chest.
His little arms clung to my neck,
His head, on my shoulder, rest.

Our Lady gave this gift to me,
A moment of pure grace
As we await the birth of Christ,
The savior of our race

For although I’ve never been allowed to love my son on earth
She has showed me that a mother’s love transcends a human birth.

For there within the heart of Christ born in this time of joy
I clearly see the image of another baby boy
Reflected in the love of Christ
Who came to bring salvation
To every soul, in every land, in every single nation.

Emmanuel, God with us,
Uniting time and space
For in His gaze I truly know
I saw my child’s face.

- Theresa Bonopartis

of Lumina/Hope & Healing after Abortion, 1-877-586-4621,

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