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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I hadn't planned on blogging today.

I thought, I could write about how there are always as many people marching in today's March for Life as there were reported estimated on the national mall in Washington, D.C. for the new President's inauguration, but the press and the powers-that-be won't allow the same aerial photographs or "unofficial crowd estimates" for the March the way they did for the inauguration of the latest pro-abortion President.

The press and/or government, especially now, won't allow the photos to be taken from the air for the March for Life, and will never publish the photos that do exist showing the vastness of the March For Life throngs.

In 2006, I live-blogged how all the "big" news outlets printed their "big stories" on the March for Life, as early as an entire 9 hours before it even started.

Every year, we all report this. The press never listens. They want you to hear and see only what they want you to. And so, that's all you (think you) know.

But in the end, I thought I wouldn't blog even that.

I lost it at Mass this morning though.

My parish priest gave a homily about why our diocese asked them all to wear Lenten purple vestments today.

It was to mourn for the lost children, and to pray for them and the moms who made those "choices".

He spoke of our new President's reference to this nation going forward "with God's grace" in his inaugural speech, and yet he will likely sign the Freedom Of Choice Act (FOCA) as he said would be one of his first acts as President.

He spoke of how that would take our taxpayer dollars and use them for abortions, whether we like it or not.

How it would go farther than Roe v. Wade and/or Doe v. Bolton ever dreamed of, in making abortion a "national right," equal, ironically, to the "right to life," all while focusing our nation on the right to put to death the most vulnerable among us.

He spoke of how the focus in our nation is now on death, instead of on life.

On treating motherhood as a "hobby", not the sacred, valued role it really is.

On supporting organizations who support abortion, openly or otherwise.

He spoke of how FOCA will force Catholic and other Christian hospitals to perform abortions, give out abortifacient morning after contraception and the like, against our moral consciences.

I lost it.

I cannot help but feel such an overpowering fear for our country, because of what we have chosen now. Of who we (collectively) have chosen.

I wept out of fear for our country for what we have done and what we, through Obama, are about to do.

I wept for my daughter who I've never known.

I wept for me, for my grave mistake.

I wept for all those in this nation who "get it", that life really does begin at conception, regardless of the idiot scientists who try to redefine it otherwise.

I wept for all those in this nation who don't "get it", including our new President.

The priest prayed much more compassionately for our new President than I had planned to at this Mass. I had, all ready to go, a spoken-out-loud petition to say. His prayer made mine moot and also shameful, really, and in my tears all I could say was the first part of what I'd intended to say:

"I pray for the safety of those going to the March for Life today...and for those who wish they could be there..."

I couldn't say any more.

All those who wish they could be there but cannot, include all those women, and men, whose grief and/or remorse about their abortions or involvement or knowledge of abortions of relatives, prevent them from finding comfort or relief or salve from knowing that there are, every year, a million or more people converging on the mall in Washington, D.C. and filling its wide streets, probably the same streets that Obama walked or rode down not two days before.

You'll never see that estimate in the news. And whether it's a million bodies there today or 300,000, you will also never know how many more hundreds of thousands are sitting at home, wondering if they will ever be able to stand up and be counted among those who truly value life, at last.

I wept for our nation. We are so corrupted. We have chosen a man to lead us deeper into the culture of death, a man who calls himself a Christian yet believes that without a national right to government-paid abortions, a girl or woman is being "punished with a baby" if she gets pregnant and doesn't want to be.

We are so unbelievably blind.

I wept for this nation the same way I did after 9/11. Only this time, we are doing the damage to ourselves.

This photo says it all, for me. Thanks, Barbara of, for this and other photos from the various Marches.

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