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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our good friend Theresa Bonopartis of Lumina has had her letter to the editor printed by the New Yok Times, albeit drastically shortened. Don't tell me the NYT is not biased: they printed the URL weblink to the ACLU in the pro-choice lawyer's letter above Theresa's but ignored Theresa's Lumina weblink URL. Way to go, New York Times. I would expect nothing more of the rag.
To the Editor:

It is a shame that Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who introduced the bill, and Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center, where abortions are performed, are not as concerned with the coercion that countless women face to abort by husbands, boyfriends and parents as they are about the people outside the clinic offering help to these women.

They are also silent when it comes to botched abortions and those abortions performed to cover up sexual abuse, but here they are, quick to shout out loud when it comes to this.

Where are they when the women whom they are supposedly protecting are suffering physically, emotionally and spiritually after abortion? Not once have I heard Ms. Quinn or any members of the Council show concern for the women who have been harmed by abortion.

No one is harassing these women; they are offering a viable alternative to abortion, an alternative that everyone has the right to.

Theresa Bonopartis

Harrison, N.Y.

The author is the program coordinator with Lumina/Hope and Healing After Abortion, an assistance group.

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