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3,400 confidential and totally free groups to call and go to in the U.S...1,400 outside the U.S. . . . 98 of these in Canada.
Free, financial help given to women and families in need.More help given to women, families.
Helping with mortgage payments and more.More help.
The $1,950 need has been met!CPCs help women with groceries, clothing, cribs, "safe haven" places.
Help for those whose babies haveDown Syndrome and Other Birth Defects.
CALL 1-888-510-BABY or click on the picture on the left, if you gave birth or are about to and can't care for your baby, to give your baby to a worker at a nearby hospital (some states also include police stations or fire stations), NO QUESTIONS ASKED. YOU WON'T GET IN ANY TROUBLE or even have to tell your name; Safehaven people will help the baby be adopted and cared for.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pregnant, About To Give Birth Or Just Did and You Need Help and Can't Keep the Baby But You Don't Have Anywhere to Turn?

GO TO THIS WEBSITE, click on your state and find a SAFE HAVEN hospital or other location where you can bring the baby and leave him or her with healthcare professionals, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, WITHOUT GIVING YOUR NAME--and they will take care of the baby and see that he or she finds a loving family to adopt him or her.

OR CALL THE TOLL-FREE HOTLINE 1-888-510-BABY to find a location.

This is now possible in all 50 states:
The national safehaven alliance (NSHA) is dedicated to support states’ efforts to prevent infanticide and unsafe newborn abandonment through safe-haven relinquishments. The organization is dedicated to achieving this goal through publicizing the existence of this safe, legal alternative, and by providing resources to states and state-based organizations. It is NSHA’s belief that its efforts will help protect and save babies’ lives.
Only Washington, DC remains without this option but people in Washington DC can go to bordering states Virginia or Maryland, or any state such as Delaware or Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

Go watch "The Molly Movie" (it's short).
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