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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gardasil Moms: If one of those 32 dead girls or women was your daughter...

(the one that was supposed to protect girls and women from the HPV virus and the cervical cancer it causes):
Reports of adverse events after getting a vaccine can be submitted to VAERS by fax at 1-877-721-0366, online at, or by mail to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, P.O. Box 1100, Rockville, MD 20849-1100.
Also from that CDC website:
As of December 31, 2008, there have been 32 U.S. reports of death among females who have received the vaccine.
32. And I was berated by some readers in August 2008 for posting that 25 women had died because of Gardasil since March 2007, so we re-reviewed the data and modified that post to "as many as 18 or 19 women died."

So now, 9 months later, it's up 14 more deaths to 32 in the U.S. Sadly, this isn't going to be end of it. This is between 1% and, at best, 10% of the estimated cases of adverse effects.

That means there could be as many as 320 to 3,200 women dead from this Gardasil vaccine in the past 2 years alone.

The CDC and the FDA are standing by their "fast-tracking" approval of Gardasil three years ago. Read the following links for more scrutinizing information on the dangers to our young girls and women and the underreporting of those dangers:

"An Analysis by the National Vaccine Information Center of Gardasil & Menactra Adverse Event Reports to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), February 2009

Reuters news report, "NVIC Vaccine Risk Report Reveals More Serious Reaction Reports After Gardasil," which quotes extensively from the NVIC PDF document just cited above:
Using the MedAlerts database, compiling data for VAERS through November 30, 2008, NVIC found that compared to Menactra, Gardasil is associated with at least twice as many Emergency Room visit reports (5,021), four times as many Death reports (29); five times as many "Did Not Recover" reports (2,017) and seven times as many "Disabled" reports (261). There have been 34 reports of thrombosis, 27 reports of lupus, 23 reports of blood clots, 16 reports of stroke, and 11 reports of vasculitis following Gardasil vaccine given alone without any other vaccines. There are three to six times more fainting or syncope reports after Gardasil vaccination than after Menactra and there have been 544 reports of seizures following Gardasil and 158 after Menactra (73 Menactra-associated seizures involved co-administration with Gardasil).

Rechallenge reports to VAERS involve cases where there was a worsening of symptoms after repeated vaccination. There were 275 Rechallenge reports after Gardasil compared to eight after Menactra (7 Menactra-associated Rechallenge reports involved co-administration with Gardasil). In the entire VAERS database for all vaccine adverse event reports, there are 467 rechallenge reports, of which nearly 60 percent are for Gardasil.

A 15-year old gymnast, cheerleader and honor roll student in Kansas has been diagnosed with Gardasil vaccine-related brain inflammation after receiving three Gardasil shots. Her first symptoms included muscle and joint weakness and pain, numbness and tingling in her hands and feet, severe headaches excessive fatigue, rash, dizziness, and loss of concentration after the first shot. After the second and third shots she began losing her hair and developed seizures, bouts of paralysis, mini-strokes, partial loss of vision, and severe chest pain, memory and speech loss.

A 21-year old Maryland artist, athlete and honor roll college student died suddenly without explanation in June 2008 after her third Gardasil shot. She is one of the 29 Gardasil death reports in VAERS.
"Most health officials believe that adverse reactions to medications are vastly underreported, as they are optional. Safety experts estimate that only between 1% and 10% of adverse effects are reported. Therefore the actual number of adverse events occurring after vaccination with Gardasil is likely to be much higher."

When will people stop protecting another something (in addition to abortion) that's dangerous to their daughters and has been since Day One? The rabid defense of a vaccine that enables girls to continue and expand upon sexual promiscuity and thus increase their risk of exposure to the resulting STD that is HPV, is nothing short of irresponsible and unconscionable parenting by parents and insane "governing" by the FDA and CDC.

Please don't comment if all you have to say is how few these cases are compared to the millions of vaccines given. We can read too and we have read those statistics. The point is, there are supposed to be no such massively adverse effects at all, if the FDA and the CDC do their jobs correctly.

The point is, from March 2007 through August 2008, as many as 18 U.S. women died after taking the Gardasil vaccine, and in the nine months since then, 14 more have been reported as dying after Gardasil was administered, according to the CDC itself.

If one of those 32 dead girls or women was your daughter, would you still really give a damn that millions more took it without incident?

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