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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

IN MEMORY OF: ...two more children lost in 2011, anonymously memorialized here...

On September 23rd, 2011 I aborted my 13week 4day old baby. Due to the situation I have been in for a little while now I knew I couldnt bring a child into this world, my world, knowing a baby deserves the best and so does the child I already have and did not want to take anymore from him than I already had hes the love of my life. I will never ever forget laying in that room on that table no sedation no pain meds and feeling you being taken from me as I cried hysterically and begged for the doctor to stop. But I knew with every thing I had left in me it was to late and I am so sorry my sweet little baby. I want you to know that as you were taken from me a piece of my heart and soul went with you that day, and now that you are with my Lord i hope you can forgive me and never forget that I love you and Mommy and Daddy and Bubby all love you very much and that I am so sorry for leaving you alone and never getting the chance to hold you in my arms. (Tears for you my love). I love you may you rest in heaven safe and sound and always remember that you are missed.

I had an abortion on may 21, 2011... i am 26 years old, full time worker and full time student. I didnt believed in abortions at ,y age and never thought i was capable of having one.. i was terrified, confused.. it wasnt in my plans since i am still struggling with school. Even though i had my family's, friends and boyfriend's support i had the abortion because i thought it was the best for me at this point in my life. I was selfish, weak and there is not a day that goes by that i don't regret and feel bad about my decision. I was 6 weeks and pray for God's and my baby's forgiveness. Im never goign to be able to hold, kiss, see its smile.. nothing...If there's anyone out there reading this comment and is considering an abortion i'm no one to judge, critize or tell you what to do.. i can only tell you to take your time, pray to God and think about what i just wrote,, this is a decision you cant go back to and do everyhting another way..I love you my little one and im so sorry for what i did!

To learn more about these memorials to our children or family members lost to abortion, or to post one of your own (anonymously if you choose), please read this.

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