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Monday, January 23, 2012

MARCH FOR LIFE 2012 -- January 23, 2012

Some links, some youtubes, some food for, since I can't be there in Washington, D.C....

I'm reposting the post without all the embedded videos but rather their links. Apparently it's making the blog impossible to load, that many videos...

"Thine Eyes", opening with actress Jennifer O'Neill talking of her abortion and her regret...

Alveda King speaks of her abortion regret. She's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s niece. She doesn't celebrate her birthday--which is January 22nd too--except by being at the March For Life every year... Seriously, go watch her speak on this webpage.

This is one of several youtubes, most distinctive in that it begins with a man's testimony about how he regrets doing nothing to support the mother of his child, his eventual wife, in avoiding the abortion ... listen or skip through to about the 2:00 minute mark. At first, it was distracting that the crowd noise drowns out the speaker, but soon, the cameraperson has wound his or her way through that crowd to stand before the man giving his testimony at the microphone, and you can hear it loud and clear then...and all the testimonies that follow.

There are at least 5 of these, probably all about 15 minutes each. Including this one in Spanish (En español).

Julia Holcomb, a Silent No More Awareness Campaign spokeswoman:
"When Julia Holcomb was 16 years old she became the legal ward of Steven Tyler, lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith and current American Idol judge. At age 17, when she was 5 months pregnant with Tyler's first child, and engaged to marry him, she barely survived a fire that burned their apartment. While still in the hospital recovering from smoke inhalation she was coerced into a horrific saline abortion. She is the author of the memoir The Light of the World - the Steven Tyler and Julia Holcomb story..." -- found at Silent No More Awareness.

More links on this day of the March for Life 2012

The sheer numbers of young adults and youth in the opening scenes of this video are's one of the youth rallies at the March For Life 2009...

Here's another bigger view of that same crowd filling that arena:

It's just nice to know they're not ALL watching or living "The Jersey Shore" or other similar insanity...

And a classic gem of an expose on what we've been reporting for years too: that the MSM (mainstream media) fraudulently misreports the vastness of every year's March For Life support, in this instance, skewing its coverage to make 5 pro-abortion supporters appear to be "the majority." Just look at the streams of human beings pouring down the wide roads of Washington, D.C. Just listen to the truth... "Media Malpractice at March for Life"

When was the last time a pro-abortion person bussed in to D.C. all the way from Kansas-- 24 hours on a coach bus, mind you-- for a 6-hour march outside in sub-freezing mid-January temperatures? Never mind 100,000, or as many as 300,000 of them, from all around the world?

Amazing photos from last year's March For Life. Showing folks there from Germany, Italy and France.

"America is more pro-life than ever" ... This speech was delivered May 5, 2011 on the House floor by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) as the House debated the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.” Rep. Smith is the bill’s sponsor.

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