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Friday, January 27, 2012

More proof of the MainStream Media (MSM) stupidity and bias, this time CBS' D.C. affiliate, against anyone pro-life:

...The photo slide show initially featured seven photos of abortion supporters...

Upwards of 50,000 pro-life supporters turned out in the DC cold to participate in the March for Life, yet apparently CBS could only find the small handful of pro-abortion supporters to photograph... wasn’t long before the comments section on the CBS website exploded with pro-lifers crying foul...Finally, a day or so later, CBS altered its slide show and added some photos of some of the actual participants of the pro-life march. The slide show now features seven photos of pro-lifers and an equal amount of pro-abortion supporters.
Even if it really was only "upwards of 50,000 pro-life supporters"--that, compared to 7 pro-abortion supporters? And they give them equal. coverage.

They should have shown a picture with 7,143 pro-life marchers in it, and a picture of a single pro-abortion person that day.

Makes me want to just spit.

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