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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another blog by a post-abortive woman, called "Rose and Her Lily".

She writes,
"I wanted to share my testimony with you on my blog at Just click on 'My Testimony' on the top toolbar and then be sure to read 'Luke Shiloh' and 'March 16.'"
It is wrenching, but she is amazing in her love for her little ones, and for her Lord.

She also links to a lot of other folks' stories, on her home page...
The faces represented are...a former Planned Parenthood director, abortion survivors, women who were conceived in rape, women in unplanned pregnancies, women who have chosen life for their baby and either chose to parent, place for adoption, or had a baby born into Heaven, women who have chosen an abortion and see the heartbreak it brings, a nurse who held an aborted baby in her arms while he died, men whose girlfriend/wife chose an abortion, and women who received a fatal diagnosis for their baby, were told by doctors that "terminating" the pregnancy would be best, yet decided to carry their baby until Jesus took them to Heaven. I am better for knowing them all.

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