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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Of course, it had to be roses...

This is an email I received from a dear friend, also post-abortive, who runs Silent No More Minnesota. Ann Marie is one of the many most amazing women I know, whom I would run in front of an oncoming truck for, and who I have never laid eyes on in person.

She does wonderful work in SNMM and if anyone has a spare moment to pray or perhaps even a little spare change from the couch cushions or carseat to help her help other women get through this summer, just read this .... and pray for her and the women who come to her at SNMM.

Dear Friends of Silent No More Minnesota,

If you read the subject line you might think, "big deal" she got flowers,it was Mother's Day, isn't that suppose to happen? Yes it is but only if you have children to give them to you...I have no living children. Please keep reading and let me explain.

God is soooo good! I got flowers from my babies for Mother's Day. The first time ever!!!!

This morning (Saturday) I was interviewed on a local Catholic TV for a ProLife show to talk about my abortion and my healing, now I can't remember the name of the show but it's Saint Michaels Broadcasting. At the end of the show, before going off the air, the host reached back behind her chair and pulls out a dozen of... beautiful red roses with baby breath and laid them in my arms. I started to cry they were so beautiful. My thought was "tomorrow is Mothers Day." She told me the story of how I was to have these flowers, saying , "As God is my witness this is what happened" She had missed going to mass this morning (Saturday) because she got lost picking up Roz a volunteer at the station. They went to the store to get food for the day because they would be filming all day. She went by the flowers and she heard God's voice say, "buy Ann Marie flowers." She ignored His request. She was in line to pay for her items and she heard His voice again say, "Go buy Ann Marie flowers" She got out of line and stood before all these flowers of all kinds and colors. She asked Him, "Which ones Lord" His reply, "The red roses and tell her they are from her children." Roz, MG (the woman who gave me the flowers) and I were all in tears, praising God for His Goodness. She only knew of my abortion not the baby I lost in a miscarriage. Today I got flowers from my babies. I'm going to have an awesome Mother's Day.

Then on Sunday I received a text from my brother saying "Happy Mother's Day". He has never wished me a Mother's Day wish before. Talking to him later in the day, he told me why he did. He had called his daughter and our sister to wish them a Happy Mother's Day. He had heard three times, very clearly a voice tell him to tell me "Happy Mother's Day". He was very hesitant, because he didn't want to hurt my feelings. So the first 2 times he was prompted, he struggled, but the third time he could no longer ignore it, it was that strong. You could only imagine my feelings I had when I received the text. I had the most heartfelt joy in my heart.

Why am I telling you, because I want you to know that women who have aborted their children need people to recognize their children and realize Mother's Day can be the the hardest day to get through; Even for those women who have living children. So please if you know someone who has had an abortion and they have gone through post-abortion healing more then likely they would love for you to wish them a "Happy Mother's Day". However, those who have not gone through healing may not, but you can say a prayer for them and who knows by next Mother's day they too would welcome your "Happy Mother's Day" wish.

I have attached an appeal letter, Silent No More MN is in need of donations to get through the summer months. So whatever you can give would be appreciated.

Please send your donations to
Silent No More Minnesota
P.O. Box 68125
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Dear Friends and Supporters of Silent No More Minnesota,

Praise be to God, I sit here today writing you this letter on, “Mother’s Day” of all days. This is normally the hardest day of the year for me, especially when I go to church and the pastor wants to give all the mothers a blessing, having every mother stand up and the whole congregation prays over them. I can only think of once that anyone put a hand on my shoulder and honored me in this way...a priest who drove up from Mankato, specifically just to do so. He knows Mother’s Day is a tough one for me.

I, however, am very blessed to have experienced much healing, joy and happiness and today thanks to your donations so have many other women have come to know the bittersweet this day brings. You have made a difference in the lives of those hurting from abortion; I simple can’t thank you enough for your generous financial support!

Why on Mother’s Day do I feel compelled to “Thank you” for your support? I could not think of a better way to honor the healing, we, as mothers who have aborted our children have received through the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Mother’s Day evokes a lot of images and emotions for most of us; however for those who have aborted our children and have not had healing, Mother’s Day is a day of pain, even if we have other children. This is why it is so important to keep the message of hope and healing Silent No More Minnesota brings to those still hurting from their abortions.

I have just recorded 18 new voiceovers commercials that will play for a whole year on the country radio station, BOB FM 106.1….thanks to a generous donor. One is specifically for Mother’s Day and one for Fathers Day. I have 2 new coordinators coming on board to help expand the work of Silent No More Minnesota. Tracie Rademacher will be helping with new registrations and contacting the women and men helping them to find their voice and stand up and be, “silent no more”. Mary Johnson will be the pregnancy center liaison, helping those working in the centers connect with Silent No More Minnesota so that when women come into the center who have had abortions they will be able to connect with Silent No More Minnesota, and they too can be “silent no more.”

Mother’s Day is a beautiful day, all of us have mothers, most of us are mothers and for those of us who have aborted our only children or lost our only children by miscarriage, we are mothers waiting to unite with our children in heaven where eternal motherhood await!

As we enter into the summer months Silent No More Minnesota enters into a time of uncertainly with our donations, please give as generously as you can. We need your financial help to keep our message of healing alive, reaching out to those who need it most…mothers wounded by abortion.

Peace and happiness,

Ann Marie Cosgrove
Silent No More Minnesota

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