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Thursday, October 4, 2012

IN MEMORY OF: FEBRUARY 2011 - A belated post (will be reposted in October)
You can use my name if you want--Briana. I would like to post this in honor of my son, Aidan, who was aborted in February of 2011. He was due to be born on October 4, but I never got to meet him. It seems that my love for him grows just as rapidly as my pain. I love him dearly and truly regret not being able to love and honor him while I had the chance. His dad gave him the middle name of "Rey", which means king, and his name was Aidan came to me in a dream. It means "little fire", and he sure did come into my life as a ball of fire and hasn't left since. I am working through my pain, thanks to help of a post-abortive counselor, and it has been great, but doesn't take away from the fact that I do miss my baby. I think about him often, and just wanted to let him know--through this website, in addition to my prayers and private talks--how much I love him.

I do love you Aidan Rey,
Love always, Your Mommy
To learn more about these memorials to our children or family members lost to abortion, or to post one of your own (anonymously if you choose), please read this.

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