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Saturday, May 25, 2013

I was blessed today, the laying-on-of-hands-blessed, by a good friend of my son's who was just ordained a priest today. God bless you, Krzysztof. You are going to be an amazing and blessed priest.

Along with the rest of the United States Class of 2013 newly-ordained priests: volleyballers, breakdancers, Metallica-fans, skateboarders, skydivers, pilots, research scientists, golf pros, bank managers, even grandfathers, all of you. I didn't count how many there are, but the list scrolls down by about 34 pages. 34 pages!

Watching Krzysztof on the altar, and giving him a big hug after his first Mass today, the tears filled my eyes. I've been just about writing off this nation as having totally abandoned God--and now and soon to be suffering the consequences of that. I've been in fear for our nation because of this headlong rush away from our Creator.

But today, I felt a surge of new hope. If all these young and older men, with brains and hearts and souls, have become servants of God today, in this nation, there is still great hope for us.

We used to say that Krzysztof could well become the first American (U.S.A.-American) Pope someday. He is just that reverent, that devout, that inspired and humble and good. And always has been. He never let our good-natured predictions about it go to his head. But 40 or 45 years from now, I would not be surprised in the least. I may not live that long, but I still would not be surprised in the least.

Strange, I know, but it is sooooo way cool--and jaw-droppingly hope-inspiring--watching someone you know, someone you've spent time getting to know week-in, week-out, grow from a young teen...


... into a young man and now a priest, who you can honestly say is that kind of person, whom God Himself might find worthy to choose as His new Peter, someday.

God bless you, Krzysztof. Both my son and I are praying for you, and I know you will be praying for us. Thank you for your gift of hope, your priesthood, your faith.

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