an After abortion: 7% of women who had abortions were abused by the Baby Daddy...vs. 1% of the general population

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

7% of women who had abortions were abused by the Baby Daddy...vs. 1% of the general population

A 2012 study by the Guttmacher Institute, a non-profit research group, found that 7% of women who had abortions experienced sexual or physical abuse by the child's father in the year before her abortion. This compares with about 1% of women who suffer similar abuse in the general population. Seven percent might not sound like much. But a small percentage of a huge number is still a large number. That 7% represents 84,000 aborting women a year.

The study concluded, "Women with abusive partners are substantially over-represented among abortion patients."

A 2010 Guttmacher study found that more men than is commonly acknowledged exert "reproductive control" over their girlfriends and wives. Among women with abusive partners, more than 70% reported that their partners used verbal threats, physical aggression or birth control sabotage to force her to become pregnant, to abort or, in a surprising number of cases, both.

In a 2005 Guttmacher report examining the reasons why women abort, 14% said their "husband or partner wants me to have an abortion," and 14% said they received insufficient "support from husband or partner." Two percent said their "husband or partner is abusive to me or my children."
I finally found that article still on USA Today, though my first link to it was at the Mansfield Journal hesfield Newsre, which interestingly has since removed that article and link entirely.
Political conservatives are routinely accused of waging a "war on women." But to find the real war on women, many women need look no further than their own bedrooms.
But the MSM (mainstream media) has far too many pro-choice people convinced that it's really conservatives who are anti-women. It would be sad if it wasn't so disgusting and angering. So many misguided folks have missed the boat on how many conservative, simple people are out here helping women out of these abusive situations, without judging, without asking for payment, anything.

Let me repeat one sentence for emphasis:

A 2010 Guttmacher study found that more men than is commonly acknowledged exert "reproductive control" over their girlfriends and wives.

Two things should jump out at you. One, Guttmacher Institute is no objective, independent research institute. It's the research arm funded by Planned Parenthood, the US's largest abortion provider. Always was, always has been. If you can't say "conflict of interest" and "biased up the yin-yang" faster than you can close your dropped jaw, shame on you. Because if you're like most people, you don't already know that fact because the abortion industry doesn't want you to know that, so the MSM doesn't emphasize or even tell you that.

Two, it sounds like their teeth hurt to publicize the fact they found that more men than is "commonly acknowledged" "impose their will" (the original, now missing, Mansfield News article title) over their partners' reproductive decisions.

So I just want to know one thing: where's all the uproar over this group of people taking away "women's rights"?

You see, if it's really a "right to choose", she should have the right to choose, like, uh, ya know, the baby, right?

And won't it be a kick in the head for pro-choice folks to learn that maybe, when more research is done, that it's even more than 7% of women having abortion who were abused and coerced into doing so? I'd love to actually see the AGI studies, to really analyze them. I would lay dollars to donuts they found it truly is worsethan they just barely "publicized."

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