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Sunday, August 11, 2013

I don't know if I could have had the faith of these parents, but I'm glad it's being written about.
Zotter said that when a child dies, everyone asks why. But such questions are "mysteries of God that we can't fathom," she said. She assured the boy's relatives and friends that they will one day understand the reason, when they are reunited with him.

"Even though it was heartbreaking to let you go, Heaven is very lucky to have you," said a note from Logan's grandparents, Debbie and Larry Stevenson.

"Logan is with God, the Father," Zotter said. "I bet he's playing baseball. I bet he's seeing the horses there."
And so many years later, I believe my own daughter's been playing, oh I don't know, softball? basketball? and has ridden all the horses, there, and she has one big Palomino all picked out for me when I'm reunited with her someday, too. Won't that be something?

I believe all our lost children, no matter how we lost them, are there, waiting for us. That's one of the key things we realized at Rachel's Vineyard and Lumina's Entering Canaan, and I'm sure all the wonderful abortion recovery ministries help us realize.

Although it doesn't change our wrongs or our regrets, I believe our lost children are having it easier, in a way: they've gotten to grow up in Heaven.

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