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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Remembering Our Lost Children

In 2008, this blog began posting memorials to our readers' babies who were lost to abortion. Sort of a "request-line", giving your child his or her name, for our blog's visitors. Other sites also do this, but the more the better, in our opinion.

See the email link under our names "Emily" and "Annie" at the top right of our sidebar to email us to post a short note remembering and/or praying for you and your lost child on the date he or she was aborted or, alternatively, would have been born.

Moms, Dads, siblings, uncles, grandparents-- all can do this. Even if the baby hasn't been remembered with a name yet, we will still do this for you.

If you wish to remain completely anonymous, this is respected here; always has been. No email addresses or personal info will ever be shared with ANYONE.

You can even go create a free Google Mail or Yahoo Mail account to use just this once so we'll never know the email address you usually use.

The idea of post-abortive women memorializing our lost children like this, and giving them a name, can sound very strange. Please know that it is by no means new or strange. On Rachel's Vineyard retreats alone in the past 19 years, between 50,000 and 60,000 women have done just this. RV is just one of many post-abortive recovery services and groups worldwide (SEE SIDEBAR AT RIGHT under RESOURCES FOR HEALING).

Please know that it isn't morbid and it isn't emotional self-flogging. It is actually rather helpful--to us personally--to acknowledge our lost children. To give them a name.

Some ways we have memorialized our children on this blog have been:
IN MEMORY OF: L. and her daughter in heaven, Mikayla

For my daugher, Erin Madeline, aborted around Easter time, 1978.

Eve Christine, child of H.

February 1979: Luke Raphael, child of R.

February 11, 1983: Mary Lee, child of N.

18 yr. old mom of 2 y.o. daughter who aborted unborn son 1/20/04
A date is important so we can post it for that date, but if you have no specific date, that's ok too.

You will know that it is your memorial and your prayer, and you can be the only one who knows.

Imagine hundreds, thousands of our visitors reading and offering up a thought for you and your lost child on the very day you might be hurting the most.

We also ask that all read our commenting guidelines first and only post encouraging, positive comments. NO debate, opinion, no questions asked in these comments. We want to focus only on those we are remembering and/or praying for. No hurtful comments will ever be allowed.

(This post was first published on February 26, 2008)

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