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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Totally Off-Topic, I Know, But...

This has now worked for me no less than 6 times in the past 3 years and I think it's worth sharing:

Over-The-Counter Migraine Remedy That Works (for me)

  1. 1 can of diet cola (maybe regular works too, but that's what I had on hand)
  2. 3 NON-coated or only lightly-coated regular aspirin (325mg not "baby" though you could use that and just take 12 for a TOTAL 975mg dose) -IMPORTANT: DON'T take if you can't take aspirin or it ruins your stomach, and DO HOLD & DISSOLVE the aspirin on your tongue first, then wash it down in one clump with the isn't that bad actually and dissolving it makes it easier on my stomach anyway)
  3. 1 bottle of 5-Hour Energy - DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN TWO OF THESE IN A 24-HOUR PERIOD (grape flavor is the best of a bad bunch but any flavor will do)
On a very long, unavoidable road trip in 2010, I developed my first migraine in years.

I always get the warning: severe flashing lights/aura. My first one decades ago was so bad I thought I was having a brain hemorrage or stroke and had a family member take me to the E.R. A whisper from my son would send me into paroxysms of agony. I couldn't even whisper myself.

So on this road trip, I'd had very almost no sleep the night before. The flashing lights looked like a 6-inch backwards capital C, shimmering and shimmying like colorless neon, in front of my right eye, blocking vision totally on that side. I thought, oh, I am S.O.L. now, baby. This is going to be a MONSTER. I'd never had the aura that bad before. Not a good thing when you're driving at dusk with 6 hours ahead of you.

I'd just had a diet cola, and all I had with me were items #2 and #3.

I'd  read a few years ago that migraines can be from a B12 deficiency. Item #3 is looooooooaaaadddddeeddddd with B12. So I dissolved the 3 regular aspirin on my tongue and washed them down with the 5HE.

And drove on, waiting for the crushing pain to come.

10 minutes. 15 minutes. 20 minutes went by, and no pain. The shimmering C finally just...went away. Like that! NO pain. No nausea and vomiting. Nothing. I felt absolutely FINE. Drove the rest of the way, and even had dinner and a few beers with the friends I was staying over visiting, as though nothing had happened.

I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but it's sure as heck worth a try, for about $6 worth of OTC consumer products.

And it just worked again today. This time in about 10 minutes.

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