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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Remember, and No, We'll Never Forget

Every Object Has Its Story, in Parade Magazine this past week. Broke my heart to read of some of these things, about some of the people I never knew or knew about.

Prayers for all those lost, all those who lost someone, all those injured, physically, emotionally, 12 years ago today.

Prayers also for the Elected Official who almost fat-mouthed us into supporting Al-Qaeda-infiltrated rebels in Syria, and only backed off because now it may be that those Al-Qaeda-mixed-rebels also fired at least some of those chemical WMDs.

Prayers that he and his bunglers will keep their mouths shut about red-lines in the sand that they are too naive to understand and don't really want to carry out anyway.

Prayers that these politicians who, through no military might, brains, courage or savvy of their own (despite the spin you're hearing now), painted us right into a corner and have been making the case to engage in acts of war over use of WMDs (just what GWB did).

And now, through more off-the-cuff gaffes that even the New York Times, Slate and Mother Jones are dissing as "Amateur Hour in the White House" and observing that "If your foreign policy has to be rescued by a dictator, you are doing it wrong," this Elected Official and his Back-Up State Department pal further painted us into a corner with "let's have UN inspectors go in and turn over the WMDs to the international community, aka Russia" (also what GWB was doing which also didn't work).

Kerry. was. spit-balling. Sarcastic. Obama's red-line comment-- a year ago -- was flexing muscle-less biceps to get himself re-elected. The whole debacle continues to be just "an unmitigated clusterf*ck."

Seriously, if you get your news from any of the major news networks, the links in this post are all eye-openers on what really has just gone down. Educate yourselves. Please, for the sake of our own survival, educate yourselves.

And those WMDs of sarin and other chemical gasses used in Syria? Much evidence exists to state that they were the ones moved out of Iraq before the war. We wrote about it in June on AbortionPundit, and this site adds more data pointing to that proof.

The amateurism of our nation's leader is astounding. And it's a stronger Al-Qaeda we face today because of it.

I'm heartsick over the fact that, between Obama's expansion of the remote-control-drone-bombings (which "comedian" Bill Maher clearly labeled "cowardly" in 2001 when GWB did it), his utter amateurism in international strategy and diplomacy, and his "what difference does it make now?" bunglers at State, they have sowed burlap bags of seeds for our future sorrows at the hands of Al-Qaeda.

What date do you think the next museum will hang over its doors?

Excellent postscript from, apparently, an Anybody like you and me, responding to Obama's speech last night: 
"A president who had an ounce of strategic sense would not have let things get this far. Such a president would have followed Teddy Roosevelt's dictum of speaking softly and carrying a big stick. Obama has done the opposite, spoken with great bellicosity and shown himself hesitant to do what is necessary.
But instead of such a president, we have Barack Obama. More's the pity."
— Mark Whittington, Houston

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