an After abortion: Jos.A.Bank- Giving One Suit FREE to a Veteran, When You Buy One (AND you get TWO free yourself)

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jos.A.Bank- Giving One Suit FREE to a Veteran, When You Buy One (AND you get TWO free yourself)

I don't care if you never work in a suit-requiring office. GO AND BUY ONE SUIT, get two free yourselves, and Joseph A. Bank Clothiers will give one suit free to a returned/returning vet. NOW through this Sunday November 17th. The promotion is called "BUY 1-GET2-GIVE 1."

It'd be among the best $200 or so you'll ever spend. And they're damn nice clothes (my son has a few of their suits and he's a hard to fit, big guy, I mean, really big).

Apparently, they've done this at least once before, this past July. The value of the suit can be as much as $650, according to that article, and you can buy your suit ONLINE if you prefer. It's being sponsored (i.e, at least partly paid for) by The Gary Sinise Foundation for U.S. Military Veterans. You go, Gary.

I already knew about the great support of our military he's given with his Lt.Dan Band, but now this too. Gary Sinise, you really rock, in both senses of the word.

I'm not familiar with Toby Keith's music but he's done even more USO shows than Sinise's band, so far, and at great personal risk:

God bless 'em, all.

[P.S: The Lt. Dan Band documentary is directed by Jonathon Flora, who I had the pleasure to get to know back in 2005 when he made the post-abortive film A Distant Thunder. Good man. Post-abortive himself. Shout out to Jonathan! Hope all is well.]

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