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Monday, December 30, 2013

Chinese Director Zhang Yimou Faces Fine of $1.2 Million for Breaking One Child Policy:

In the interview, Zhang and Chen admitted to giving birth to two sons and one daughter in 2001, 2004 and 2006, respectively before they officially got married in 2011. They fell in love with each other in 1999.
China's family planning policy was introduced in the late 1970s to rein in the surging population by limiting most urban couples to one child and most rural couples to two, if the first child was a girl. People who have more children than the family planning policy stipulates are usually fined.
But sometimes, it isn't fines. Sometimes, women are just forced to have abortions because of this policy.

And not just Chinese women. Women all over the world. Even here. In the U.S.

We aren't going to have to "rein in the surging population" in the U.S., not by a long shot. A review of the facts by The Weekly Standard's Jonathan Last in his book, "What to Expect When No One’s Expecting" is all the proof anyone needs of that.

More on abortion across the nations, and Jonathan Last:

The United States is one of approximately ten nations (of 195) that allow abortion after fourteen weeks of gestation. The others are: Canada, China, Great Britain, North Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Western Australia, and Vietnam. When it comes to allowing abortion for any reason after viability, however, the United States is joined only by Canada, North Korea, and China.
That's an excerpt from a recent book about Roe v. Wade called Abuse of Discretion, by lawyer Clarke Forsythe. A great summary of the legal debacle that was Roe v. Wade is highlighted by Jonathan Last on this Weekly Standard article about the book.

Such great company we keep: "the family planning authorities" of China.

Postscript: Funny how Jonathan Last and this blog keep crossing paths over the years.

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