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Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Forced Abortion Avoided; Help For Those Trying To Avoid One Now

An abortion facility has closed, and I found the back-story about this place worth posting, because it's about helping women and girls avoid being forced to have abortions.

It's written by a lawyer, Allan Parker, who as a result of this encounter, formed "The Center Against Forced Abortions" as part of his work at the Texas Justice Foundation. Although based in Texas, I believe they can help any woman or girl, anywhere in the U.S. For more information or to talk to a lawyer, call (210) 614-7157 or email .

They've provided in that link, in English and en español, information, letters, etc. to help girls and women avoid being forced to have an abortion they don't want. Para ayudar a las niñas y las mujeres evitar ser forzada a tener un aborto que no quieren. All because of this long-ago encounter, at the above abortion facility...

...where I first met a young girl being forced to have an abortion by her mother. I was pretty nervous waiting for her there and trying to figure out what I would do. I think it was my first time to actually stand before an abortion clinic. I had collected thousands of testimonies of women hurt by abortion and knew how devastated women could be by having the child in their womb killed by an abortionist. I did not want her to be hurt. She had contacted us somehow because we had already stopped a couple of forced abortions, but we were very new at this.

She told me over the phone her mom was forcing her to have an abortion, but that she thought she could persuade her otherwise. But I had not heard from her in a while and she had told me when the forced abortion would occur in that facility above. It was near the very offices of The Justice Foundation, in a place I just thought was a doctor's office. I had passed it many times without a thought. Now I was waiting to see of I could help her at the last minute.

I called twice to girls that were not her. Then the third girl responded: "Yes?" I said, "I am the attorney you have been talking to. Can I help you?" She responded, "I don't want this abortion, but I can't fight my mother." Her mother came out and asked me. "Why are you doing this?" "Ma'am, I know too many women hurt by abortion. I don't want that to happen to your daughter," I replied. She said, "I think I ought to call the police." I said, "Ma'am, I think you ought to. This is fetal homicide."

[NOTE: see Texas Law on that phrase.]

She stormed into the abortion clinic and told her daughter to come inside now. Her daughter looked at me with a pleading look on her face and said, "I can't do it. I can't fight her" and went inside. I immediately called the police and said, "I am Allan Parker and I am outside an abortion clinic. I was just told by a girl that she doesn't want to have an abortion, but she can't fight her mother. She is a minor and she can't fight her mother. I believe this is a fetal homicide. You need to come out." The police said they were on their way.

I didn't know if they were coming to arrest me. Instead I identified myself when they came, they went inside and came out and said, "There won't be an abortion today. We are having Child Protective Services investigate."

As a result of that experience we formed the Center Against Forced Abortions and came up with the Dear Parent Letter which has resulted in saving thousands of babies across the United States from forced abortion.

However, I had to pass that abortion clinic for years on my way to work and I always prayed that the Lord would shut it down some day.

We recently [January 2014] received a letter from the attorney representing Dr. Salazar, notifying us that since August 2013, he had resigned his license as an abortionist and returned to the regular practice of family medicine.

The "The Center Against Forced Abortions" link has some references to other forced abortion stories. We've had a running list of links about forced or coerced, legal abortions here on this blog for years.

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